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"After several months of intense pain in my neck, I went to see the ER, had an MRI and was referred to a neurosurgeon for a herniated disk, a ruptured disk and pressure on the nerves in my arms. The neuro doc wanted to do surgery right away. I really did not want to have surgery, so I asked for conservative treatment which included physical therapy. 24 visits later, I have reduced pain, increased movement and the best part is - the neurosurgeon has stated that sugery won't be needed anymore! I am so glad. Thanks guys and gals!"     - A.B.


"I started physical therapy at RPT three days after my full hip replacement. I was unable to walk unless i used a walker and needed assistance with most of my everyday needs (putting on socks and slacks, getting in and out of a chair or car, etc) My therapists were so nice and helpful, they worked with me patiently, encouraging my recovery. The front desk staff were very accommodating, they helped arrange my schedule so that i could make my appointments easily. I would recommend this physical therapy company to everyone.                                                                                                                       - S.D.


"I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the therapists and support staff that have worked with me these past months helping me on my road to recovery. They displayed professionalism, courtesy, and knowledge as they patiently motivated me to do more than I believed I was capable of doing. It gives me hope that I will be able to someday return to my previous activities. Thanks for everything!"                                                                                                           - D.C.


"In the last 5 weeks I can feel a definite improvement. The pain in my neck and shoulders have considerably decreased, almost gone. The staff was really professional and helpful. If I had a question, they had the answer. If my form needed correction, they corrected it in a courteous manner. I couldn't be happier with my improvements and will definitely continue after I leave here. Thank you!     -C.M


"My shoulder was injured playing baseball. I am currently a pitcher in the minor leagues with the New York Mets. This is my third shoulder surgery and the first time I rehabbed with Regional Physical Therapy. I chose Regional P.T. because their staff not only knows how to work with common on the job injuries, but they seem to work well with sports related injuries as well. Their staff is great from top to bottom and they really push their patients to get better in a positive way. The facilities at Regional are great. They can work with so many patients and there is so much room for more. I was glad that the therapists not only knew my injury, but also had great knowledge as to how to correct my injury and get me back on the ball field, so I can continue my pursuit to the Big Leagues."                                                                                                                                                 - Shane Hawk

"After my second therapy treatment, I am no longer taking Aleve twice a day. The pain in my left hip is practically gone and I am walking much straighter. I do not feel as out of balance as before, and my shoulder pain is subsiding."     -BB


"From the first visit, I did not have to take as many pain pills. The therapy relieved my headaches, and I was able to do house hold functions. I also slept the best in a long time without any medication. After the second visit, the muscle spasms and numbness decreased. It is amazing how much relief physical therapy has given me. I am greatly appreciative of the way I was treated while I was there. Everyone was extremely kind and considerate."     - PB


"The staff has helped me design a workout that I can use at home.  The workouts here have greatly reduced the discomfort level.  I feel that this is a new way of living that will reverse my back pain for good.  Thanks team for a job well done.  I feel that the crew here is professional and personable and extremely caring.  Thanks and may you continue your great services to the hurting public."     - EW


"Hi, I'm a 64 year old woman recovering from total knee replacement. When I first started physical therapy at Regional PT I was quite the "crybaby", moaning and groaning and on pain pills. I thought I was too old for all this exercise!!  Now I'm happy to say I'm RX free and have a lot of my independence and mobility back - This place is GREAT!!"     - BP


"After just one pt appointment I am able to sleep better and not hurt so much through out the day."     - K.E.


"There is much improvement in mobility of my shoulders, arms and back....I can now bend down and pick up my morning paper, before therapy, that was impossible to do.  Overall, this therapy has been a beneficial and good experience for me.  Thanks to the great staff at RPT."     -MS


"When I first came here I could not walk or run at all.  My pain was a 10 and now my pain is at a 0.  Now I can run and jog and walk without my knee hurting at all.  I can also walk up and down stairs without any pain at all."     - LR


"My arm and shoulder are much better now than when I first started. I no longer have the sharp pains that used to force me into tears and I can lift and control the animals I work with at the vet's office. It's very nice being able to lift the 5 pound over weight cats on to the tables or hold the 110 pound Great Danes from jumping away from needles. Thanks."     - N.L. 


"PT provided education on stretching exercises I can use at home to keep in shape and remain healthy. This was a great experience to refocus on taking better care of myself. Wonderful care & treatment!"     - Pam T.


"My PT helpers, Thaja & Vicki, have been a wonderful aid in my recovery from surgery.  They were caring, informative, friendly and knowledgeable.  I can now kneel, walk and climb stairs and have built up tolerance to attend my grandchildren's sports events, and do house work and work in my yard.  I know I will continue to get better!  Thank you Region Physical Therapy.  I tell everyone I see who is having surgery to come to you for PT. "     - Winiferd R.

"When I first came to therapy my pain level was 7 to 9 at all times.  I could not walk, maybe 50 to 100 ft.  Now I have 0 pain; can walk for at least an hour or more with no pain.  I can mow my yard with no back pain.  I can sleep better.  I know the therapy was a complete success.  I can climb stairs, put my arms over my head, and my back is more flexible.  Shopping is easier, everything is easier than before I started therapy. Thank all of you for the great job you have done. "           - Robert G.


"I have been coming to Regional PT off and on for 3 years for my arms, neck, mid/low back pain. I can't say enough about the staff and their skills on treating my health and physical strengths. Currently I'm being seen for chronic pain and immobility of my neck and mid/low back. I've had lots of surgeries and this visit to RPT I'm in the pool for weightless exercises and the electrical estim treatments.  I believe that this combo is so wonderful for me and helps me feel good. I look forward to my visits. Bravo RPT!"     - Janet G.