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You can appear younger by doing this

Posted by Vicki on 04/05/2016

I recently watched an episode of the TV show “Brain Games” where they were showing how certain illusion tricks were managed. One of the “tricks” they performed was that they told a person that they could guess their age by looking at them from behind a curtain. They told the person to stand on a platform and balance on one leg. They had them behind a curtain so that all they could see was from mid-calf down. The person was barefooted and could choose what foot they wanted to stand on to balance. They then timed the person to see how long they were able to balance on one leg. Based on the amount of time they balanced they guessed a 5 year range.

See Chart

When I saw the episode I laughed and said, “I have been doing magic for years!” I often tell my patients that their balance gradually gets worse starting at age 30. You will lose about 5 seconds of balance every 5 years starting at age 30. You don’t have to lose balance, but you do have to practice balancing to keep from losing it! A good way to practice your balance is to balance on one foot each day when you are brushing your teeth. Balance for 30 seconds on each foot while brushing your teeth. Good balance will prevent lots of injuries including sprains of the ankle/knee, fractures that result of falls, and muscle tears.

Falls are a problem with patients over 60 and a major concern for injuries. Improving your balance can keep people healthy and significantly improve longevity. Practicing your balance daily can cause you to appear younger, feel younger, and stay healthy longer.