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Tylenol or Aleve? Are they the same?

Posted by Vicki on 07/30/2012

After an injury, you will have pain and swelling of the injured area. Taking Tylenol (or acetaminafen) will help with the pain, but do nothing for the swelling. Aleve is an antiinflamatory medication which will reduce the swelling as well as help with the pain. The most common form of antiinflamatory is ibuprofen and is most effective to reduce pain AND swelling. However, if you have problems with your stomache, antiiflamatory medication can upset your stomache. Some of the coated ibuprofen will help reduce stomache reactions, but over time will still cause some upset.

While Tylenol has gotten a bad reputation recently for ill effects on your liver, it is still a good general pain reliever. Over time, all medication will have some side effects. Remember to check with your doctor or pharmasist about any over the counter medications as they relate to your specific condition.