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Take The Pain Out Of Traveling

Posted by Vicki on 03/07/2017
     Where are you planning to travel too? Are you driving or flying? Either way, you will need to think about a few things to help your trip be pain free.
     Driving is the most common mode to transportation. When driving, remember that a trip of more than 4 hours will make you more likely to have back pain. To help reduce back pain while driving, use cruise control when you can so that your feet are stabilized. That reduces the strain on your trunk. Driving isn't just sitting, you have vibration that causes your back to be bounced up/down like a pogo stick. These forces will be directly translated to your spine causing higher load on your disks.  Use a pillow in your lower spine to help the force avoid the lumbar disks which are most commonly injured. Lastly, take rest/stretch brakes at least every hour.
     Airline travel reports 88% of the people who fly report back/neck pain after a typical flight. Here a few tips to help you on the plane. First, lift luggage carefully. Lift to the seat top first, then overhead. Walk the aisle every 30 minutes to avoid stiffness and blood clots in the legs. Try for an aisle seat to allow room to stretch out. Use pillows to support your back and neck during the flight. Remember take off and landings can be rough, so always prepare by sitting up straight and looking forward until the plane has stabilized. Lastly, drink LOTS of water and avoid sodas and alcohol which contributes to the dehydration caused from the cabin pressure.