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Staying Fit After 50

Posted by Vicki on 05/15/2018

    7/10 Adults ages 50 and older are physically active but every year, almost 2.5 million baby boomers go to emergency rooms for "over-exercising". Physical Therapists help prevent common injuries such as: back pain, tendinitis, broken bones, frozen shoulder, and meniscus tear.

    3/10 Boomers believe that their greatest financial risk during retirement is an unexpected out-of-pocket expense as a result of a major health event. By 2030 an estimated 6/10 boomers will be managing a chronic condition. Physical Therapists help prevent surgery, manage or eliminate pain and reduce the need for prescription medicine.

    1/10 Boomers report that their physical activity is limited to a few days a month and 11 % are never physically active. But why is this important? Because boomers have an average of 2 medical conditions like: Hypertension, Obesity, High Cholesterol, and Diabetes. Physical Therapists play a vital role in helping boomers maintain an active lifestyle and prevent injury as they grow older and they are experts in motion and mobility.