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RPT's Healthy Habits - Smoking Cessation

Posted by Stephanie Taylor on 05/15/2020

In addition to reducing your risk of heart and lung related conditions, quitting smoking can reduce chronic pain levels, improve tissue healing after injury/surgery, reduce risk of post-surgical infection, improve muscle function, and improve tolerance to activity. Below are some strategies to try to help you quit smoking.


5 Steps to a Smoke-free Life

  1. Reach Out – Studies show that having a support system will drastically improve your cessation success.  There are many free coaching apps, online services and support groups available to help you every step of the way. 
  2. Make a Plan – Write down what your life will look like without smoking.  How much money will you save?  What will you do with the money you save - take a vacation, save it, donate it…?  How will your health be changed?  What activities will you enjoy doing?  Your future is a clean slate; fill it as you will.
  3. Keep Busy - Keep your mouth busy; have hard candy and gum with you instead of a cigarette.   Drinking more water is always good.  Keep your schedule busy; go for a walk or dance to a song, get to those chores you’ve been putting off, take up a new hobby.  Changing what you have been doing can help when triggers flair.
  4. Good Deed – Take a few minutes to help a neighbor, family member or friend.  This will help shift your attention and your feelings off of yourself to focusing on the needs of someone else.   Doing good deeds for others helps relieve stress; managing stress is a big step toward a smoke free life.
  5. Never Give Up – Do whatever it takes to conquer the urge to smoke.  Keep trying different things; search for the key that unlocks the cravings for you.  Don’t smoke.  Your life depends on it.       

To learn more about quitting smoking check out the Tobacco Stops with Me: