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RPT's Healthy Habits - Kid Care

Posted by Stephanie Taylor on 05/06/2020

Families are spending more time together during this worldwide crisis. Just as we adults are unsure of what is going on with the world, our kids can be even more unsure of what’s going on. Below are some tips to help take care of your kids during these uncertain times.

Talk with Them

Kids pick up on your anxiety, and if the source of your anxiety is unknown, their active imaginations will create a threat, a monster, a reason for their fear. Talk with your kids honestly and age appropriately. Younger kids may understand germs and staying home to keep everyone healthy. Older kids may understand the situation more and can discuss more opening. Also understand that kids may have a range of reactions: fear, anxiety, acting out, attention seeking, excited that you are home more, etc.

Keep Busy

Distraction is an effective therapy technique. Find activities for you and your kiddos to do. Board games, books, TV, movies, video games, sock puppets, baking, Play Doh, Legos, arts/crafts, bike rides, walks, card games, cleaning, listen to music, dance, blow bubbles, science experiments, living room forts, backyard camping, chalk, Nerf guns, water balloons. The possibilities are endless. Pinterest is a great source for activities for kids.

Go Outside

Being outside boosts your mood, lets kids get their energy out, and is good for overall health and sleep patterns.

Count Your Blessings

Take time at the end of every day to name things they are grateful for.  Showing gratitude now will benefit the future when they remember difficult times.  Having a thankful mindset can also lower stress levels. Redirect negative thoughts about what they can’t do with what they CAN still do.

Get Connected

This can be a great season of connection with your family.  Have family game night, make a TikTok video, family sidewalk chalking, make a tent in your living room, family walks or your own dance party.  Whatever makes your family smile!  Maintain other social relationships with phone calls, FaceTime, zoom, Marco Polo. Rebrand it as “physical distancing” vs “social distancing.”

Be The Role Model

Take care of yourself.  Eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest and stay connected with friends and family.  Find something positive in each day.  Your family will be glad you did.  


Be Well,

Shelly Minton

Stephanie Taylor, PT, DPT