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RPT Offers Dry Needling!!

Posted by Vicki on 09/26/2018

Dry Needling has been around for years, and many people are curious to how it works and if it is effective. To help you better understand what dry needling is, we have researched and come up with some facts.

1. Dry Needling involves the insertion of a thin filament needle to stimulate the healing process of soft tissues (muscle “trigger points”, fascia, tendons and ligaments, etc) resulting in pain relief and restoration of healthy physiology.

2. A myofascial “trigger point” is a hyperirritable point in skeletal muscles that is associated with a hypersensitive palpable nodule, or “knot”. This area becomes painful at the site and can also “radiate” in predictable patterns.

3. Generally, the insertion of the needle is not felt. The local “twitch response” may provoke a brief pain sensation that has been described as a tingling, aching or cramping sensation.

4. A variety of musculoskeletal problems including, but not limited to: Acute/Chronic injuries, Headaches, Neck/Back pain, Tendinitis, Muscle Spasms, “Sciatica”, Hip/Knee pain, Muscle strains, Fibromyalgia, “Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow”, PFPS, Overuse injuries, etc.

5. Side effects may vary among individuals. Typically, only mild muscle soreness or skin bruising. In most cases, it is a fee or cash based service provided only by a licensed Physical Therapist.

6. Dry needling is an effective treatment for acute and chronic pain, rehabilitation from injury, and even pain and injury prevention, with very few side effects. 


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