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Physical Therapy Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain!

Posted by Vicki on 05/29/2018

Chronic pain syndrome is a problem that creates a lifetime of issues for a person. Chronic pain is persistent pain that continues long after the initial injury to the body has completely resolved. The injured tissue is healed, yet the pain is persistent. Issues with chronic pain are debilitating on both a mental and physical level. Chronic pain not only reduces the patient’s activity level, but also causes mental anguish at the thought of anything that may cause your pain to worsen. When a person experiences chronic pain they often respond in many of the following ways:

  • Avoids certain activities that are perceived as too painful.
  • Avoids social situations that can draw attention to their pain.
  • Feel worse when they think about the situation or their pain.
  • Become anxious about any activity.
  • Get depressed about the entire situation.
  • Often hurt “everywhere”.

Chronic pain is a downward spiral as the lack of activity will worsen the situation. The perception of pain during any activity is sort of an “all or nothing” situation. To a patient with chronic pain, there is no perception of pain increase or decrease, it is always at a 10! The brain gets bombarded with sensory input and all of it is perceived as pain, even a gentle light touch. The brain becomes on high alert as to any sort of sensations it receives. There is hope for this condition and physical therapy can help.

Your physical therapist can help you become more educated about the condition to assist you with identifying things that you may be doing to reinforce the perception of pain. You can learn many ways that can help you manage your pain on your way to becoming healthier and more active. Here are ways your physical therapist can help you reduce the chronic pain:

  • Strength and flexibility exercises will assist you in regaining needed motion and strength to get you back to doing the things you love.
  • Manual therapy will work on the restrictions of the spine and joints to help you improve soft tissue restrictions.
  • Postural awareness and body mechanics training will assist you in avoiding any injuries during your normal routine at home and work.

Physical therapy has been shown to reduce the need for pain medications while helping return you to a normal lifestyle. Call us today to schedule a session to discuss your individual situation. We love to help!