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Pain Getting The Best Of You?

Posted by Vicki on 07/25/2017



    Listen to your body the same as you would if your engine light comes on in your car. Pain is your body's way of telling you something is wrong. Ignoring your pain will cost you more in the long run from not treating it early. Many things can contribute to pain in your body. here are a few:
1. A muscle that is weak will cause an alternate muscle to have to work too hard causing you to have pain in the overused muscle. Strengthening the weak muscle is the solution.
2. A tight muscle will put excessive strain on the joint and can cause wear and tear on any joint it crosses. Stretching the tight muscle is the solution.
3. Joint stiffness will cause the body to build up excessive fluid in the joint and create aches and joint pains. Restoring range of motion is the solution.
    Medication will mask the symptoms, but doesn't solve the underlying problem. Get help from a physical therapist who is trained to find the problem and help you with a permanent solution and avoid medications or surgery. Give us a call and we can get you on our schedule!