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Pain Cycle

Posted by Vicki on 08/19/2012

When you sustain an injury it sets of a series of responses in the body that begins a cycle that can be difficult to break. The longer the cycle goes on, the harder it is to break. Initially, after the injury, you get inflamation to the area that is best treated with cold therapy and anti-inflamatories. Next sets in a phase of stiffness as your body begins to heal itself with thick scar tissue. The scar tissue has poor circulation and causes the brain to block off the injured tissue so as not to get any information from that area. The less information that the brain gets from the injured site, the more pain tries to break through and let the body know it needs help. The more pain, the more the brain tries to block out the area so the body can go on with normal life. Thus the cycle begins.

The cycle can begin to be broken with gentle massage (or light touch) to the area with a very gentle stretching routine for the involved tissues. The touch and stretch will increase blood flow to the injured tissues and open pathways for the brain to begin to get information from the area. Gradual stretching, until the full motion is restored will really help the body to integrate the injured area.

Later once the pain is more under control, you can begin to strengthen the injured area so that your body can fully use all the muscles and ligaments in a more normal way.

Our therapists can assist with getting you on the road to recovery, but don't wait too long to get started. The longer you wait, the longer the recovery period. Call us today and we can help you break the cycle of pain.