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New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Vicki on 01/04/2012

It's so hard to keep those resolutions. We all have habits that are hard to break. It takes 21 days of a changed behavior to make it stick, and for me that's a long time to do a new activity when I can just get up and go on auto pilot. I find that setting a few small goals are easier for me to handle for the 21 days it takes to make a change. Here are a few of mine that have been easier for me to keep.

  1. I replace my lunch drink with a water (it's cheaper too). We don't drink enough water to keep ourselves healthy. Drinking water promotes weight loss and I can use all the help I can get.
  2. Spend 10 minutes each day on writing the top 2 things I want to get done each day. I find I get more done with a game plan in place before I start. I do mine the night before when I am laying in bed just before I go to sleep.
  3. Listen to CD's that are motivational on my way to work so that I can start my day off with a positive attitude. I find that Attitude IS Everything!

I try to remember the old saying that tells me "By The Yard, It's Very Hard. By The Inch, It's A Sinch". Small habits are easier for me to change and much easier for me to keep.

Have a Great 2012 everyone!