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Losing Weight

Posted by Vicki on 01/27/2014

Losing weight is simply doing the math to have more calories
burned than taken in. When people are trying to lose weight, they often
underestimate the total number of calories that are eaten.

Fast food restaurants are often the place most likely to underestimate the amount of calories eaten. Recently, researchers at Harvard Medical School did a survey of people eating at fast food restaurants. They found that Teens underestimated their calories by 35%, and adults by 20%.

The British Medical Association found that diners at Subway
underestimated the calories in their orders by a larger amount than diners at McDonald’s, Buger King, KFC, Wendy’s and Duncan Donuts. Adults ordered meals containing an average of 836 calories while underestimating their orders by 175 calories. One fourth of the participants underestimated the calories by 500!

The easiest way to lose weight is by assuring you know what your intake is each meal. So be informed of the calorie content of those meals. Arm yourself with the knowledge before heading out to the restaurant. Don’t
wait until you’re standing in line to try to decide the best food choices.