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Living with the new healthcare system

Posted by Vicki on 08/22/2012

Improving your health is the best way to prepare for all the changes coming from the government. You can agree or disagree with the changes, but they are coming. So now is the time to build your future. Every decision you make today, affects your future. You decide everyday to brush your teeth which helps prevent tooth decay and cavaties. So it is with every thing you eat or drink. Whatever you put in your mouth leads to better or worse weight control tomorrow.

I want you not to focus so much on what you can't have, but rather what you can have. Try to help yourself eat things you like and are healthy for you. Additionally, if you balance some of the bad foods with just a little increase in movement, you can have a few of the things that are less than optimal for your health. Focus on parking just a little further out when you go to the store or mall. Take a walk around your yard in the evening to add a hundred steps to your day. Often the little chioces make the biggest difference over time.

Winter is coming, so sign up for our fitness program to have a place to come and exercise during the colder months. We have a nice facility for you to come do light exercise and keep yourself on the road to good health. Remember, the smallest decisions often have the largest impact on your health. Come join us to improve your future health!