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Living Longer

Posted by Vicki on 01/12/2016

“When I first arrived at physical therapy, I couldn’t walk upstairs or put much weight on my left hip.  Now, after a month of physical therapy, I am full weight-bearing and able to walk upstairs with railings.” - AC


Multiple studies are now linking aging with strength in the lower extremities. The strength of the legs have been linked to cognitive function as well as longevity. One study in the New England Journal of Medicine cited that a person’s ability to get up from a sitting position in the floor using only their legs was directly related to their longevity. The more one had to rely on their arms to get up, the lower the continued life expectancy. Another study states that thinking, learning and memory were measured at both the beginning and end of the study, and researchers found leg explosive power was a better predictor of cognitive change than any other lifestyle factors tested.

Exercise also causes your body to release a hormone that encourages nerve cells to grow. Your body will give you more years of good service if you exercise it and physical therapy can assure you don’t cause any further damage from over exercising the wrong muscles.

Keeping your legs strong is important in maintaining the lifestyle you desire, including improving your memory and thinking. Physical therapy is very important in getting you back to a vibrant lifestyle. We will create a program to address anything, including pain reduction that is keeping you from being active and getting your legs strong again.