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Keeping You Running

Posted by Vicki on 06/22/2012

You know that annoying noise your car makes just before something major goes out, like maybe your engine? Well our bodies have a similar alert system that something major is about to happen. It is the little annoying aches and pains that your body sends to your brain to tell you something is not quite right. Too often, we ignore the little signs that something is wrong, or maybe we mask the aches with Tylenol or ibuprofen. Just like your engine turns on the check engine light just before a major event, your body begins to signal you to tell you a major injury is about to happen. I hear it everyday...a patient will tell me, "I've had this nagging pain for a year and it's gotten so bad I might have to have surgery." It's like waiting until your engine is so bad it has to be replaced. Boy, talk about a no win situation! I have to try and undo many years of wear and tear on a persons body. I often think, "If I only could have seen them a year earlier, I could have done so much to help them..." It's a frustrating situation.

When you get that nagging pain, or if you hear someone who complains of a chronic ache/pain, do all of us a favor and talk to them about the benefits of physical therapy. Let them know that their engine light is on and they need to get help now, before a total breakdown happens. Remember, they don't replace spines, and other joints are very painful to replace as well as being very hard on your body.

Don't let someone you know and love suffer any longer. Refer a friend or family member to Regional Physical Therapy today!