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Is Your Young Athlete Being Overworked?

Posted by Vicki on 02/05/2019

    Dr. Andrews' reports he has become alarmed by the number of young athletes who are seeing him for injuries in record numbers. He started seeing a sharp increase in youth sports injuries, particularly baseball, beginning in 2000. Dr. Andrews cites two primary factors that are causing the increase. 1. Specialization. 2. Professionalism. Specialization leads to playing sports year round with very little rest, while Professionalism is working an kid like you would an adult. Dr. Andrews recommends at least two months off, preferably three-four to allow the body to rest and recover. He also stresses correct body mechanics for specific sports.

    We are movement specialists at Regional Physical Therapy and can help your child recover from sports related injuries. We have worked with athletes at every level from youth to professional. We have even treated post surgical patients from Dr. Andrews. Let us help your athlete, do you need one of our qualified PT's to do a free consultation to help them with an ache or pain they are having? Call us today to set up your private consultation.