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Is Your Cell Phone Hurting You?

Posted by Vicki on 12/11/2018
Tech Neck  Text Neck

     As you sit, walk or stand using your smart phone, do you resemble the picture above or below? The prolonged time spent with your neck in the extreme of flexion will cause long term damage to the discs in you neck. You can work to protect your neck from injury with this simple exercise.

     Stand with your back against the wall and try to touch the back of your head against the wall. Make sure you are looking straight ahead and not looking up to get your head to touch. If you have to look up to get you head to touch the wall, you may already have some damage to the discs.

     You know the position, your head is down, phone at belly-button level and chin tucked in. How it's hurting you:, a study in the journal Surgical Technology International found that lowering your head to text puts the force of about 60 pounds (or four bowling balls!) on your upper spine. 

     "Plus, what we're doing isn't a nice, smooth head tilt," says Michelle Collie, a physical therapist and founder of Performance Physical Therapy in Rhode Island. Adds Dr. Hansraj, "Keeping your head down in this way can speed up your spine's degeneration." 

    Bring your cell phone to chest level or slightly higher and look down at the screen with just your eyes, advises Janice Moreside, PhD, a physiotherapist and assistant professor of kinesiology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    If you are experiencing prolonged neck pain, give us a call and get in for your free screening and we will assess your condition.

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