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Is an MRI a hopeless situation?

Posted by Vicki on 12/08/2015

Many times a bad report on MRI can feel like the kiss of death. If you have been told that you have a bulging disk on MRI, let me assure you that there is hope for your condition. Let me give you some facts about MRI reports. First of all, that disk may or may not be the reason for your pain. Many studies have been done showing that 90% of people without back pain show disk bulges on MRI. Physical therapists successfully treat patients with positive MRI findings and get complete relief of pain every day. Second, disk problems are usually a result of poor daily body mechanics. The correction of the body mechanics can reverse the pressure on the disk. Most of the time MRI results are not a factor in predicting how well any person will respond to conservative physical therapy intervention.

MRI’s are an expensive test that does not assist in the treatment process. It is often a lot of money out of pocket that may be better spent in early treatment. If the treatment is effective then the MRI is not necessary, however, if an MRI is done, treatment is still necessary. So for my money, I opt for the treatment first and save the MRI as a last resort.