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In the Zone!

Posted by Vicki on 09/01/2011

To find your optimal work zone do the following drill:

  1. Pull your chair up to the edge of your desk and look straight ahead. What you see in your range of vision is your best "viewing zone". Position the items you need to see most frequently (monitor or documents) in this area.
  2. Place your elbows at your side, and move your forearms from side to side (like windshield wipers). Position your keyboard and mouse in this area. You should consider getting a mouse pad that attatches to the arm of your chair to make it easier on your shoulders.
  3. Reach each arm out to the side, and then move them forward to meet in front of you. This semicircle is the "normal reach" zone, and the things you use most frequently shoud be in this zone. 

Keeping stress off your body while working will make sure your creative thoughts flow easily. Physical blocks on your body creates small areas of stress that restrict blood flow and cause pain. Working in your optimal zone will help keep you productive and creative for many years to come!