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Improve Your Balance and More With...

Posted by Vicki on 04/24/2018

Aquatic Therapy

Your body feels better in the water than anywhere else. Know why? Because the buoyancy of water helps reduce the effects of gravity on your spine and joints. The gentle lift of buoyancy on your spine can relieve the compressing pain you feel most of the time when you are walking around or sitting. Just the lifting of your body weight off your spine can make you feel so much better. If you are in chest high water, it removes 70% of your body weight off of your back and joints of the legs. Think about losing 70% of your body weight for a ½ hour! Just walking back in forth in the water and allowing your joints to move through the water without the weight on them helps your joints become lubricated and brings nutrition to the area.

Try doing some gentle exercises in the pool that are hard on land. You will be amazed at the ease with which you can move in the water. Swimming in the water can help your spine get back more motion and reduce the compression on the disks. Hanging from a float in the deep end of the pool produces traction on your spine that reduces pinching pressure on the nerves.

Being in the water puts “pressure”, known as hydrostatic pressure, on the extremities that assist with circulation and reduces edema in the limbs. The pressure will also help with general arthritis aches of the joints. That is why soaking in tub makes you feel so much better. That pressure of the water assists with the return of blood in your legs and gives your heart a boost to keep your blood flowing easier.

Your balance is best worked in the water because of the flow of water around you that causes your small muscles to kick in to keep you upright. If you are having balance problems, the pool is a great place to work on your balance because you can’t fall down! Or rather you can’t have a fall that will injure you because we all float in the water!

If you need help getting a routine for the pool, call us and we can treat you in our pool to get you started on the road to recovery.