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Healing after your surgery

Posted by Vicki on 12/15/2015

I am often asked about how to minimize complications following a surgery. Here a few thing you can do to help yourself following a surgery. One of the most frequent and common complication is infection. Remember to keep the surgical site covered and dry. If you get some drainage, change the dressings often to keep the dressings dry. Avoid getting the surgical site wet by shower/bath or worse, pool/lake water that is loaded with infectious material.

Next, make sure you keep the internal scarring minimal by not allowing inflammation. You should keep the area cooled with cold packs. Allowing inflammation will cause the body to lay down lots and lots of scar tissue, which can lead to a “stuck” joint that won’t move. Remember that some anti-inflammatory medications will inhibit healing, so using the cold packs is much more effective.

Your body will heal faster and fight infection better if you stay stress free and calm. Getting upset and anxious will release a hormone called cortisol that will fight your bodies healing and can lead to many complications such as infections. So keep yourself stress free during the weeks following your surgery.

Get help from your physical therapist in assuring your body is restored to full function following a surgery. Getting full range of motion, strength while keeping your pain and swelling under control is vitally important to the outcome of the surgery. So seek help in fully restoring your body which will ensure you don’t have to have another surgery down the line. Do it right the first time!