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Heading Back to School

Posted by Vicki on 08/22/2011

Carrying back packs and sitting at a desk for a prolonged amount of time can cause undo stress on your back and neck. Be sure to share the load of a heavy backpack over both shoulders to avoid excessive strain on one side of your back/neck. When sitting at your desk avoid sitting on your foot or only one side of your bottom, both can cause strain on your back that will cause pressure on your disks. Occasionally, arch your back and pinch your shoulder blades together to reverse the forward curve in your spine. Keep your ear in line with your shoulder and avoid jutting your chin out to reduce stress on your neck and shoulders. Carry only books for 1 or 2 classes rather than all day to reduce the load on your spine throughout the day. Remember, when you get home to move into action rather than sitting in front of the TV or computer. Get out and move around to keep your muscles and tendons strong!