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Headache relief

Posted by Vicki on 08/05/2013

Having a headache causes you to stop or limit your lifestyle. I treat headaches every day and have gotten great success in relieving the pain, helping patients take back their life. The causes of pain are varied, but the results are the same. The neck becosmes tight and restricted causing the pain to worsen. The muscles at the base of the skull are particulary affected by headaches. Here are a few simple release techniques you can use to reduce the pain and speed up the recovery from your headaches.

  1. Place your fingers at the base of the skull and press firmly on the muscles that attach there. It will be tender, so go lightly at first. Rub along the ridge outward from the middle of the neck. Repeat the stroke several times until the tenderness reduces slightly. Then tilt your head sideways to each side allowing the muscles to stretch.
  2. Lay on your back in a comfortable position. Place two golf balls in a long sock, tied so they stay close together.(You can use a spikey ball if you have one). Lay the golf balls under your head at the base of the skull, along the ridge of your neck/skull area. Lay on the golf balls for 3 or 4 minutes, until the muscles begin to relax.
  3. Using the same golf balls, you can lean up against a wall and press the back of your head firmly against the golf balls. This will release the muscle spasms.

Laying down is the most effective, but no always possible. However you can do it, releasing the tight muscles will begin to reduce the pain.