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Go to the Beach

Posted by Vicki on 05/11/2012

Gravity here on Earth is one of the biggest enemies to our spine. The weight of our bodies on our spine (the only supporting structure of our mass) can have a bad effect over time. Gravity pulls our spine into a compressed form creating strain on our disks, nerves, and muscles in our backs. Over our whole lifetime, these effects cause injury to the supporting structure of our back. This creates pain and muscle spasms. Since living on the moon is not an option right now, the next best option for reversing gravity is to be in water. In the water boyancey has the opposite effect of gravity. Water creates a lift on our spine rather than a compression. If you are in salt water, you are even more boyant!  With summer upon us, you can do your back a favor and spend more time in the water to reduce the constant compression on our spine and other joints.

As if you needed an excuse to go to the beach, now you have one! It's good for your back!!

Have a great summer!