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Get Relief From Carpal Tunnel By Doing This

Posted by Vicki on 10/16/2018

Numbness of the first 3 fingers can be a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome. While it occurs from incorrect mechanics with excessive typing or use of the mouse, often it is exacerbated when you least expect it. Here is a tip to reduce the pain and numbness. 

Often times the symptoms of carpal tunnel are noticed when you first wake up in the morning. Morning numbness of the hand can be one of the most annoying things about the condition. Often the first step in treatment is to keep your wrist in a neutral position during sleep.

We tend to curl our hands up under the chin when sleeping and the bend of the wrist can make the condition much worse. Sleeping in a small brace that keeps the wrist in neutral can reduce the symptoms and often lead to the complete resolution of numbness. 

You can get a "resting hand splint" at any drug store that can help you get back to a restful sleep and avoid a numb hand in the morning. If symptoms persist, physical therapy can be an effective alternative to surgical intervention. Ask your Dr. to refer you for treatment today or give us call to see if your Direct Access eligible and be seen without a script!