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Get Physical Therapy To Avoid Surgery

Posted by Vicki on 05/08/2018

   Many conditions that end in surgery can be avoided if you only intervene early enough. Surgery is costly, painful, and can have permanent complications. Often physical therapy can help you avoid surgery, here is some information to consider.

   Many conditions that require surgery could have been prevented if early intervention had been available. If you are having pain in an area, you should seek help from a physical therapist to evaluate your situation and determine a course of action that can restore you to pain free movements.

   Conditions that last longer than six weeks are already becoming chronic and will cause you to move differently than before the pain. Those compensation motions cause you to have undo stress on other joints and muscles. Once the condition is chronic, it can lead to not just one surgery, but multiple surgeries.

   We offer free evaluations to see if your condition is appropriate for physical therapy. Call us to schedule your free 15 minute screen today.