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Finishing Strong

Posted by Vicki Buchanan on 07/29/2011

We all start out our lives with goals and dreams. Somehow during our life we slowly loose our vigor to complete those dreams or to create new ones. We loose the mental and physical energy to keep going strong. One way to finish strong is to commit to do some physical activity every day for 30 minutes. The commitment helps you to set a goal and complete it to give you more mental energy to set other goals. 30 minutes of exercise will give you the physical energy to do now projects. Choose exercise that you find enjoyable. Here are some examples you can choose from:

  • Walking your dog.
  • Dancing around your house to your favorite songs.
  • Check out an exercise CD from the Library to try.
  • Sing songs really loud (it helps your breathing).
  • Take a walk at sunset.
  • Play an old fashioned game of PIG with the basketball.
  • Go Bowling.

Do any new activity and it will use new muscles. Remember breathing deeply will invigorate your brain and body to get you ready to finish strong!