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Feel Better with Manual Therapy

Posted by Vicki on 02/18/2014

Regional Physical Therapy specializes in manual therapy that restores the muscles and tendons by breaking down the rough underlying scar tissue that causes pain during activity. Our manual therapy techniques are unique from other types of manual therapy, in that we selectively attack the scar tissue to reconstruct it without altering the healthy tissue.

The body's soft tissues degenerate when inadequate healing occurs, and over time the tissues degrade. Degenerated tissues are weak and prone to injury. Degeneration can be caused by many factors, including age, intense use, improper movement, weakened muscles putting extra stress on other tissues, disease, etc. Most chronic tendinopathies are primarily degenerative in nature.

Scarring can happen on top of the skin, but often the biggest problems come from scar tissue that forms inside the body around joints, muscles, tendons and/or ligaments. The body naturally lays down some scar tissue in response to irritation or injury. The fibrous, strong scar tissue is meant to reinforce an area, but often it ends up restricting movement and causing pain. The causes of problem scar tissue can be injury (such as a sprained ankle, car accident, etc.), a surgery (good surgery can be done, but the body's response with scar tissue can prevent a full recovery), intense or over use of soft tissues (such as sports, repetitive work, activity beyond your fitness level, etc.), sprains or other strains on soft tissues

Our specific techniques allow you to continue with your normal activities during treatment so that your body recognizes the stresses and strains placed on the muscles and tendons during your activity. This technique reduces time lost from doing the things you love.