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Don't Get Rusty

Posted by Vicki on 06/19/2018

Much like a piece of machinery that can get rusty while sitting too long. The parts of a machine that are made to move loses the lubricant if left sitting still causing rust and friction. Your body is made to move, created for motion. Motion keeps everything working from you bowels to your joints.

Movement of the joints and muscles allows nutrition to be brought into the area via the blood stream. Many times when you get an injury, you need to rest the injured part, but that does not mean you need to stop moving it. Stopping movement literally stops up the healing process. Stopping movement reduces blood flow to the area and doesn’t allow the blood to carry away the waste material from the injury. Much like stopping up a toilette, the body gets a build-up of waste material that can create a lasting injury to that area. You need motion to heal properly.

Motion after an injury should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Don’t move into a painful range of motion.
  2. Don’t move the part against resistance.
  3. Allow the muscle to contract gently avoiding pain during the contraction.
  4. Use heat before starting the movement exercises.
  5. Use cold following the movement exercises.

Seeking help from a physical therapist can speed the recovery process by teaching you the correct movement patterns and avoiding motions that can reinjure the area. Physical therapists are training to treat injuries in a safe manner while utilizing other machines and manual therapy techniques to assure that the injury heals faster. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation!