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Do You Have Foot Pain?

Posted by Vicki on 05/31/2016

Foot pain is one of the worst things because it seems everything you do involves standing or walking from one place to another. The sharp, stabbing pain can be excruciating. Here are some things that can help you get back to walking pain free.

Bone Spur or Plantar Fasciitis?

If you have suffered from the excruciating pain in the heel and arch of your foot you know how miserable it can be when you first get up in the morning. The pain can be crippling. The age old adage of which came first the chicken or the egg applies to the foot pain. Which came first the bone spur or the plantar fasciitis? The answer is…who cares just make it go away! The biomechanics of the feet must be handled to get the problem handled. Initially, we treat the pain with some modalities and stretches. We support the arch with a specialized tape to reduce the stress on both the heel and the arch.

Manual therapy techniques are needed to break up the thick fibrous tissue that occurs in the heel and arch over time. Certain manual therapy techniques such as ASTYM™ are very helpful to create a regeneration of healthy tissue that will speed the healing time as well as reform the tissue by loading the stresses correctly for the new foot positioning that will be corrected during therapy.

Long term arch support in the form of specialized orthotics can help you keep the foot pain under control moving forward. Orthotics come in many varieties, but each foot is individual and should be evaluated for the correct type and modifications that are right for you.