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Decrease Your Time Sitting

Posted by Vicki on 02/27/2018

   Have you ever found yourself sitting nearly all day? As working adults, many of us spend our day sitting behind a computer. Our weekends have turned into Netflix marathons and resting from a long week. Many people view retirement as a time to rest and enjoy activities such as reading, sewing, etc. Well, these notions may also be a detriment to our health. 

   Time.com recently published an article that states that prolonged sitting can negatively affect our health, despite our regular exercise habits. Researchers found that those who spent their day primarily sitting had a higher risk of hospitalization, heart disease, cancer, and early death, almost regardless of their other exercise habits. In order to maintain good health, people need to think about how to decrease time spent sitting in addition to adding moderate intensity exercise to their daily routine.


Tips To Decrease Time Spent Sitting


While Your At Work

  • Get up at least every 30 minutes. Take a walk through the halls, go grab something from the fax machine, walk to a co-worker's desk instead of sending an email, use the restroom, etc.
  • Consider standing workstations if available.
  • Ask employer or co-workers if everyone can stand during a meeting.

While Your At Home

  • Stand up and walk around the house during every commercial break during a television program. 
  • Create an "intermission" for all viewers during movies or non-commercial programs.
  • Perform household chores while standing. Wash dishes, fold laundry at kitchen counter, etc.