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Chronic Aches and Pains! What a Pain!

Posted by Vicki on 10/08/2013

     Are chronic aches and pains just a part of life? They don’t
have to be a part of your everyday life. Those aches and pains are telling you
that there is a problem. Often they occur in a joint from a left over injury or
a buildup of wear and tear over time. In either case, there are things that can
be done to reduce the pain. Joint pains happen when you have injury, leaving
debris in the joint that causes the areas of friction in the joints. That
friction, over time, causes a breakdown of the smooth surface over the bones.
Then you get pain in the area. Anything you can do to reduce the swelling
causes by the surface breakdown will help the chronic pain. There have been a
flood of products that do that such as the heat patches you place on your back
or over your knee. They can give temporary relief. For longer lasting relief
you must restore the normal range of motion and strength of the supporting

     A change in the weather often brings in a lower atmospheric pressure that causes you to feel those aches and pains in your joints. What you are feeling is the pressure in your joints being greater than the atmospheric pressure. To reduce your pain try equalizing in the pressure by getting into a tub of warm water. The water pressure on your joints will give you good, temporary relief of the aches and pains.

    Physical therapy can help you get long lasting relief by giving you hands on therapy to restore
the normal motion and exercises to get your muscles strong again. I want to
caution you that the wrong activities can flair up your condition and cause more
harm. Contact our clinic for a free screen to let us help you get out of pain…forever!