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Carple Tunnel Syndrome

Posted by Vicki on 08/01/2013

Often the first signs of carple tunnel syndrome (CTS) is waking up with numbness and tingling of the hand(s). When you sleep, you have the tendency to curl your wrists up under your chin or beside your head. The bend in the wrist puts excessive stress on the wrists causing narrowing of the carple tunnel in your wrist. The nerve that runs through the space then gets pinched causing the symptoms of numbness and tingling. Activities you do during the day that cause inflamation of the tendons like typing, vibration from tools, or gripping things too hard will leave you with swelling in the carple tunnel that leads to CTS.

If symptoms occur mostly at night, sleeping in a rest wrist brace or spint can help reduce the compression on the nerve. That can be enough relief to reduce the pressure on the nerve allowing you to not have numbness of the wrist. If you have vibration from power tools, or driving that increase your hand numbess, you should try using anti-vibration gloves while using the equipment. Additionally, use of cold packs over the wrists following the activities will reduce the swelling in the area and keep the pressure off the nerve.

Maintaining good alignment of the wirsts while doing the stress activies is the key to long term relief. Physical therapy can assist you with relief of the symptoms as well as teaching you modification techniques for the tasks that make you hurt.