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Balance is the key

Posted by Vicki on 11/10/2015

Balance in everything is the key to staying healthy and living a fulfilled life. Balance is a twofold concept. First, balance means to not over do any one area of your life, but rather make time for all the things that you have to do. Too much work makes Jack (or Jill) a dull boy (or girl). You have to make time for the four main areas of life:

  1. Work time- we all have to make a living and survive. People who are successful often think of their work not as a paycheck, but rather a service they provide for their company. People who understand that they are the CEO of their own personal company and are providing a needed service in exchange for their pay. As the CEO of your service organization, the more service you render the more valuable you become.
  2. Family time- everyone must make time for family, not just the left over time they have after the “work” is done. Family deserves their own special time where the time spent is planned as time to bond and learn about each other.
  3. Spiritual time- this is not just the hour you put in on Sunday morning at church, but rather the time you spend improving your spiritual self and grow into a better person. Better people make our world a better place and if you don’t create that time for yourself you will resent all the time spent helping and serving others. Spiritual time helps you enjoy your service to others in all areas of life, work, home, and community.
  4. Play time- time spent doing things you enjoy is important for balance. This is the time you get to do what makes you happiest. Play time is best spent in activities that keep your body moving. Moving activities keep your body healthy and physically able to perform all the other areas of your life. Play time is meant to be active.

Physical Balance is the second type of balance in your life. Physical balance is quickly lost over the age of 35, but easily retrained. I teach patients to stand at the sink on one foot while brushing their teeth. 30 seconds on each foot will be plenty of time and you will assure you brushed your teeth for a full minute. The body balance will keep you healthy later in life and assure you have the ability to stay as active as you desire.