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Back pain intervention

Posted by Vicki on 02/23/2016

“I can walk with a little speed. I am able to spend the entire day out of bed. I take fewer pain pills. I have learned to exercise through some of the pain. I appreciate the knowledge shared with me about my body from all of my therapists. I think all of you are the Bees Knees. Thanks ever so much for putting up with me.” – RF

With the costs of health care skyrocketing, researchers are constantly looking for the most cost effective products to handle patient’s pain and discomfort. Back pain is so common, that it is the 2nd most common reason people seek out care from their Dr. (the first being upper respiratory infection). So back pain costs everyone a lot of suffering and expense to treat. In the past, the first line of treatment has been medication. Pain pills and anti-inflammatory medications. Medications are big business in this country. Oklahoma has become one of the top states with people addicted to narcotics.

Multiple studies have shown that exercise and physical therapy intervention is the most cost effective and best intervention for back pain. Health researcher, Chris Maher, wanted to know if there were approaches that would reduce people's risk of getting an episode of acute low-back pain. So they rounded up 21 studies done around the world, involving over 30,000 participants in total, on how to treat and prevent lower-back pain. Results showed that exercise, regardless of what kind, was up to 40% effective in relieving lower back pain. Exercise is significantly better than medication in long term improvement of back pain. The types of exercise ranged from core strengthening, aerobics, and simple flexibility exercises.

Early physical therapy intervention has been shown to be the most cost effective intervention for back pain that is currently around. Continuing with a program long after you finish with your physical therapy treatments is the best insurance against future flairs ups of back pain.