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Back pain

Posted by Vicki on 10/15/2013

Back pain is the second most common problem seen by family
care physicians in the United States. Back pain can come on suddenly or very
slowly over time. If you are suffering from back pain, you can do several things
to improve your condition right away. First, try to avoid sitting for too long.
If you have to sit due to your job, try to use a support for your lower back to
allow pressure to be distributed throughout the spine instead of concentrated
over a couple of vertebrae over the lower back. Most chairs and cars have a
small support, but they are most inadequate to reduce the pressure. Second, try
to stand and do some extensions (shown below) to reduce the curve in your back
and take the pressure off your spine. Third, work on strengthening your
abdominal muscles by just contracting your tummy as though you are trying to
pull your belly button toward your back. Hold that contraction for as long as
you can and then do it again. Lastly, keep your hamstrings loose by doing hamstring stretches daily.