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Are you at risk for a broken bone?

Posted by Vicki on 10/29/2013

Age related muscle loss has been discovered to be a major contributing factor in the occurrence of fractures. Age-related loss of muscle, called sarcopenia, was found to be an independent risk factor for non-spine fractures, with normal men showing a risk of about 10 per 1,000, and men with sarcopenia showing a risk of about 15.7 per 1,000. Among men with both sarcopenia and osteopenia/osteoporosis, risk rose to 30.5 per 1,000.

A general exercise routine that involves light weight training
can significantly reduce the chances of fractures in men. Weight training that is done with light (25#lbs or less) weights 3 times a week reduces the risks. The effects of weight training in women have been widely documented to reduce the effects of osteopenia/osteoporosis and fractures.