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7 Tips To Getting Fit In The New Year

Posted by Vicki on 01/01/2019
  It's so hard to keep those resolutions. We all have habits that are hard to break. It takes 21 days of a changed behavior to make it stick, and for me that's a long time to do a new activity when I can just get up and go on auto pilot. I find that setting a few small goals are easier for me to handle for the 21 days it takes to make a change.
  Good health is often a matter of small choices rather than big ones. Choices like, soda or water, second helpings or not. If you can control the small things, the big ones will take care of themselves! Here a few small things that can pay off with big health improvements. I hope you find a couple that help you improve your health.
  1. Move around more. Anytime you can get up and move around your energy level will go up for up to 12 hours.
  2. Take a few more steps from the parking lot. More steps equal calories burned.
  3. Stand whenever you can. Studies show that standing to talk on the phone makes you sound happier and also is better for your spine.
  4. Listen to uplifting music. Music has been shown to improve your mood and makes you want to be more active.
  5. I replace my lunch drink with a water (it's cheaper too). We don't drink enough water to keep ourselves healthy. Drinking water promotes weight loss and I can use all the help I can get.
  6. Spend 10 minutes each day on writing the top 2 things I want to get done each day. I find I get more done with a game plan in place before I start. I do mine the night before when I am laying in bed just before I go to sleep.
  7. Listen to CD's that are motivational on my way to work so that I can start my day off with a positive attitude. I find that Attitude IS Everything!

   I try to remember the old saying that tells me "By The Yard, It's Very Hard. By The Inch, It's A Sinch". Small habits are easier for me to change and much easier for me to keep.

Have a Great 2019 everyone!