"We Listen, We Care, We Get Results!"

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Regional Physical Therapy's clinicians are experts in the field of physical rehabilitation and have over 50 years in combined experience. Detailed evaluations are provided and we personalize individual care. Patients are unique and receive tailored, comprehensive treatment plans to fit individual needs. We will walk you through each phase of your recovery with no wasted steps.

Regional Physical Therapy uses the team approach to help you regain lost function. Our Hands-On care is exceptional and you are our main focus. Our primary goal is get you back to your routine activities of daily living while educating you on how to manage your exercises at home.

Our purpose at Regional Physical Therapy:

To provide high-quality physical therapy services to the community in a way that establishes our clinic as a center of excellence and a model of how to treat clients.

  1. To have patients leave our clinic feeling better than they did when they came in for treatment.
  2. To improve the condition of our patients by caring enough to communicate.
  3. To help patients understand how they can help themselves.
  4. To help as many people as possible so they can help others.
  5. To have people come to the realization that something can be done to control what affects their bodies.
  6. To provide a positive working environment where all staff members can learn, grow, and prosper.